Friday, April 19, 2013

The Trip That I Missed: The Journey Continues...

You know what they say, when you miss a trip you’ve long planned to go to, you’ll surely turn into a green-eyed monster. Case in point: Yours truly! My BFF Angelette just won’t stop sharing stories about their cruise and she had photos to prove every bit of it. She even sent me photos from their Shanghai experience that made the feeling even more excruciating. Had I known they’d be staying at a fabulous hotel, I would’ve pushed myself a tad more just to make it to the trip.

My good friends stayed in Andaz, a Hyatt-owned hotel in Shanghai. Google and some of Angelette’s photos prove that from its exterior, the hotel signifies and relates luxury! And if these were any indication, the amenities and facilities sure didn’t disappoint.

From the chairs, the stairs, down to the tables, the hotel spoke to queen in me. The bedroom, and the bathroom, looked every bit artsy. Calling it cozy and posh is an understatement. My personal favorite was the acrylic swimming pool, no one can out-class that! (For a lack of better term!)

Now, I’m on a journey to convince my friends to go back. Pretty please.

TO-DIE-FOR structure!
Industrial art at its finest!
Surprise surprises! Metallic accent!

An industrial masterpiece!
Wood meets metal= feast to the eye!

That homey feeling given by these beautiful flowers.
Rajo welcoming us to his crib (ganun?)
Minimal Chinese art installation. A blast of colors
Just a breathtaking way to have coffee! Andaz style!
Marissa with a view
It's buffet time! Angelette, Nix, Marissa, and Rajo
Hearty breakfast overlooking a Shanghai neighborhood
Free OTAP at the lobby! HAHAHA!
Grab one! (one lang ha!)
Statement lang!
Hallway to the rooms
Behold! Desks with a fantastic view!
Bed fit for an urban queen!
That sophisticated feel!
I'm sure Angelette didn't use this!
View to the bathroom. CLASSY!
These sinks change colors!
The Fash Pack: Rajo, Anton, Marissa, and Nix
Check out this pool.
Just keep swimming!
I'm remodeling my pool into this, SOON!
I love the play of lights (and colors) in this photo.
Neon overload!
The health club! But no one's there! Haha