Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100 Years Young

Yup, a whole century in the Philippines and still Coca Cola is forever young! That is how it felt this weekend when the new tie-up with Bench and Coke, and of course Brand Ambassadors Joseph Marco, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, and Enchong Dee got off to a rocking start at the Trinoma Mall Activity Center.

Entering the event in a truly Coca-Cola way!

Free Coke for everyone!

Miguel Pastor, me, Ben Chan and Angelette Calero.

Coca-Cola body Phoemela Baranda.

Future Andy Warhol.

Keith Harring.


The new Bench and Coke t shirts have a vintage vibe that is still completely new and now. And the Youth Blowout totally made me feel like I was back in school! The event was being live streamed for those who could not be there, plus lucky fashion bloggers were also covering the event. Giant Coke bottles were being painted and customized on site, just like an installation in a New York or Paris art gallery! Popcorn carts, corn dog stalls, lots and lots of ice cold Coke, it was a sugar high of the best kind. We watched the videos of the Coke truck, from which random gifts would come out such as a giant teddy bear or a lechon or a guitar. I teared up when they showed the "lolo" ad and the OFW project. But I also laughed when I saw Joseph Marco and David Chua and Jairus Ferrer go for the "winning shot!" (Check out all those videos right here.)

MYX VJ Chino with top fashion blogger correspondents Alex Lapa, Ava Te, Krissy Cruz, Cheyser Pedregosa and Aisa Ipac.

The UE Pep Squad.

MYX VJ Chino welcomed the fashion bloggers up on stage, and he announced that a mystery blogger would be part of the fashion show. The audience started clapping when the cheerleaders from UE came out to do their Cirque de Soleil level routines, and it was almost as if they wanted to dance along!

Jairus Ferrer

Winning bloggers David Guison and Vern Enciso.

Rocco Nacino

Enzo Pineda

Move like David!

Steven Silva

Then the excitement reached fever pitch when Joseph came down from a wired contraption and awed the crowd. Julia and Kathryn soon came out to dance with Joseph.

Kathyn Bernardo

The lovely Mara-Clara.

Julia Montes

The three young stars got the "moves like Jagger."

What an entrance!

But pandemonium truly ensued when Enchong appeared in a suspended harness, that lifted him up from the central pit in the stage and he did an Olympic-style routine. Score: perfect 10!

Reminds me of Chris Brown at the MTV Awards.

Great job Enchong! We're so proud of you!

Confetti rained as the program ended and balloons were thrown into the crowd. When a balloon came my way, I spiked it back onto the stage, and it accidentally hit Enchong who just laughed, and then threw a flying kiss to the crowd, who all erupted into giggles. Just like high school, right, complete with the popular jock who wins all the trophies and medals, plus he can sing and dance and make all the girls' hearts just melt. Who said youth is wasted on the young?

The two presidents: Bench's Ben Chan & Coca-Cola Philippines' Guillermo Aponte.

Julia & Enchong

Joseph & Kathryn

The Coca-Cola team with Ben Chan: Rogie Delena, Anubha Sahasrabuddhe, Yasmin Mallari, Roki Ferrer, Guillermo Aponte, Jaideep Kibe, Franz Decloedt and Peter Schelstraete.

Hardcourt twin heartthrobs Anthony and David Semerad.

The always supportive Angelette Calero and Anton Barretto.

Miguel Pastor, Ben Chan, Gem Padilla, Bong Regala, Patty Betita, Tetta Matera & son Sebi.

Brian Lim & daughter Yumi, Phoemela Barranda, Dani Aliaga, me and Nene Lim.

Ben Chan,  Coca-Cola Philippines marketing director Anubha Sahasrabuddhe Phoemela Barranda and Franz Decloedt.

Me, Dani Aliaga and Angelette Calero.

I was mentally keeping track of all the designs I wanted to get for myself and was so pleasantly surprised that the giveaway featured one of my favorites, a modern city skyline,with a Coke bottle mysteriously drawn into one of the buildings. much as I love my new shirt, I am definitely going to get more!

But what really stayed with me was the theme that happiness starts with gratitude as the whole idea of the year-long celebration is, Maraming Salamat Pilipinas! It is true that when your heart overflows with thanks, the happiness overflows too, then that happiness is the best way to be forever young! And that will still be true even a hundred years from now.