Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Get Ready for Summer with Timex!

I just looove summer in the Philippines. With bright blue skies and clear sunny weather, there are tons of fun outdoor activities waiting for me to try out so there's no excuse to stay inside and laze around all day. Plus, with the hotter and brighter season, it's the perfect time to put a little pattern play into my colorful summer wardrobe!

When Timex released its new Spring-Summer Collection, I was so excited to check them out. It really seems like Timex has a perfect timepiece fit for every summer lovin' Filipino - whether you're planning on going out of town, getting a new fitness routine or probably just going out with your date, friends or family.

For those who are up for an adventure this summer, the Timex Expedition Scout, Scout Chrono and Scout Gallatin are some really good choices. The Timex Expedition Scout for instance, has that classic outdoor design that features round-the-clock updates, is 50 meters water-resistant and sports a double layer NATO (nylon) slip-thru strap, available in green, black, brown and tan colors. If you want a little upgrade, opt for the Scout Chrono. Still sporting that classic outdoor look and time/date functionality and the Timex signature INDIGLO Night-Light, the watch is improved with double the water resistance (100 meters) and now has chronograph function that measures up to 30 minutes.

Looks like Daniel's all set for an adventure with his backpack and his classy Timex Expedition Scout watch
Daniel's Timex Expedition Scout Gallatin adds a pop of color to his stylish look
It's twice the thrill of adventure and style for these two as they sport their Timex Expedition watches

For tougher measures, the Scout Gallatin is the watch up for the game. Inspired by the famous northern U.S. Rockies, this durable analog watch is sealed in acrylic lens and a clear matte resin case. It also has an easy-set quick date function and is 50 meters water resistant. Complete with the brand's signature INDIGLO Night-Light, this watch is perfect for thrilling outdoor actions and late night expeditions.

They look like they're ready for anything as they wear their Timex Expedition Scout Gallatin and Scout Chrono gears.
For those who prefer spending the summer working out and getting fit then the Timex Sleek 150 and the Timex Rugged 30 Collection - in Color Block or Neon - are the perfect workout timepieces that'll help you reach your goal.

The Sleek 150 is a multi-functional lightweight sports watch and is 100 meters water resistant. It boasts an easy-to-use menu-based system, tap screen controls for its stopwatch features and interval timer with target pacer and hydration alert that keep your training accurate and efficient.

Looks like Raph's getting ready for his workout with his  Sleek 150 watch

The  Rugged 30 Collection on the other hand, sports a flashier design with bright bold neon colors and color block patterns. Programmed with stopwatch, countdown timer, a 100-Hour chronograph design with lap and split time settings, on-screen prompts and customizable alarms among many other features, this multi-functional sports watch is definitely built for more intense workout routines.

Looove the action on this shot! They're really feeling the burn but still look so trendy with their Timex sports watches
Ulrike's beauty really stands out like the bright neon color of her Timex Rugged 30 watch

With all these fashionable and functional watches from the new Spring-Summer Collection, everyone can be ready to take on the summer heat, thanks to Timex

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Time to 'Taste The Feeling' with Diego and Stephan

Most of us are very keen when it comes to things that inspire us to be more comfortable and confident with ourselves. We often wonder what it’s like to be admired by so many so we look up to those people  featured in prints, televisions and other forms of media and go after iconic fashion brands to make us not just presentable, but also noticeable. And whether or not we’ve got the potential, we still try to become the image we want others to see, even if we’re not built for the spotlight.

            It was a delightful morning when I was able to mingle with Coca-Cola Philippines’ leading men – President and General Manager Diego Granizo and Vice-President for Marketing Stephen Czypionka. It was quite surprising to see that the two looked very comfortable as they took a break from their corporate grind and made poses for Metro Society’s cover  for the March issue. Right after the shoot was done, Diego and Stephan began sharing their experiences as they immersed into our Filipino culture and explained what exactly does it mean to truly “taste the feeling” as this new campaign reshapes the whole new Coca-Cola experience. 

As I sat down and chatted with Diego, I felt a welcoming ambience. The tall, distinguished Ecuadorian felt at home in the country from the very first moment he came. “As soon as we arrived, when we started going around, I could feel that it was so much like Ecuador,” Granizo stated. Of course, he found that he still had to adjust to some Filipino customs like our laissez faire attitude, mentioning that it was completely different with the time he worked in Germany though he sensed that the change was a shift to a more youthful wavelength.

For the very upbeat Stephan , he describes his arrival in the Philippines with a certain positive energy. He smiled and remarked “When I first landed here, there was an energy I felt. I could feel the good vibes. And there have only been two other places that I felt the same; in Guadalupe in Mexico and in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I took that feeling as good sign.”

As the two men reminisced about their memories of youth and adventure abroad, I felt that it was the perfect time to ask them about the new Coca-Cola campaign, Taste the Feeling , as this year’s campaign is rallied with the hottest love teams of the generation – James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Enrique Gil, Liza Zoberano, Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador, Bailey May and Ylona Garcia.

So when I asked what does “Taste the Feeling”exactly mean, Czypionka replied “The campaign aimed to go back to the product--- to refresh, to uplift and to energize. It’s about enjoying and making small moments more memorable and full of happiness.”

Then Diego adds “We are a soft drink company and we are about the moments of hope. It’s about going back to some of our older campaigns, finding that there is something to celebrate everyday”

And from there, I understood.  I remembered Coca-Cola has always been in many special moments of my life especially the times I’ve shared it with others. Whenever I sit down and drink a bottle of Coke, I not only feel refreshed, I feel nostalgic, happy, and many more so, that it has definitely become a staple in my lifestyle.

Indeed, to truly taste the feeling with Coca-Cola, is a feeling worth sharing, worth keeping.

The Men in Charge: Coca-Cola Philippines President & General Manager with Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President for Marketing Stephan Czypionka on the cover of Metro Society's Men's issue for March

I feel sooo honored to be author of the cover story  for the March release of Metro Society's Men's issue!