Friday, March 30, 2012

Famous Hong Kong (Part 3)

And we're down to one of the highlights of our awesome Hong Kong getaway - an overnight cruise aboard one of Star Cruises latest cruise line called SuperStar Pisces! The moment we stepped inside this wonderful twelve-storey vessel, I knew we were in for an epic time! There's a lot to enjoy on board Pisces! One of my favorites of course has to be the one of a kind gastronomical delights that its seasoned chefs offer! There's a lot of restaurants that offer different kinds of dishes, they've got anything your tummy's craving.

This of course goes with world-class entertainment! Whether you want to chill out with first-class cabaret performers or just want to belt out your favorite songs in some good old karaoke, they have a place perfect for you. Our gang went for the latter! And yes we had a concert riot of epic proportions!

The best part of this cruise? Knowing that while you're here, all you got to do is throw all your worries away, let lose and have fun. And have fun we did!

If you are looking for a short getaway, Star Pisces is for you!

Tessa Prieto-Valdes posing in front of Star Cruise Pisces.
Photographer Paolo Pineda

My dear friend Anton Barretto.

Phoemela Barranda & Angelette Calero posing ala Mara Clara.

Phoem & Rajo posing ala Maria la del Barrio.

Enchong Dee

Joseph Marco

Enchong inside the cruise.

Me & Patty Betita.

Miko & Joseph just chilling.

Patty & Phoem

Monch & Nix

Sidney & PatP

Nikki & Peps

Glen & Liza

Rajo & Jake

Peter Norrdell with Hong Kong city lights background.

Miko Raval

Gem Padilla

Liza Ilarde, Keren Pascual, Enchong Dee, Joseph Marco & Monch Novales

Me, Sidney Yap & Joseph Marco. Grabe, ang lamig!

Liza Ilarde, Patty Betita, Gem Padilla & Phoemela Baranda

It's karaoke time!

"I'm every woman, It's all in me. Anything you want done, baby, I'll do it naturally. Woa woa woa"


"Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long."

Deadma rin!

"Just the two of us, we can make it if we try. Just the two of us."

The cruise line has well-trained professionals ready to serve and keep you comfy. Mostly Pinoys actually. So, you'd feel right at home. If you're planning a business or leisure cruise this summer (you should!), you may contact Star Cruises Manila sales and marketing chief Andrea Manzano at 836-6830 to 32 or go to

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Famous Hong Kong (Part 2)

What's one fun thing to do when you're in Hong Kong? Stroll and work its busy streets! Nobody ever gets tired of a good walk and an even greater company of friends. Match that with a nice weather! Here's our Famous Trip to Hong Kong!

Miko Raval & Peter Norrdell strolling around Canton Road.

Miko, Joseph Marco & Peter strolling around the other side of Canton Road. Hehe

And another side of Canton Road.

Angelette Calero, me & Anton Barretto also strolling around Canton Road. (pajulit-julit)

On the way to the very famous Xiao Long Bao restaurant. Sorry guys, I forgot the name (senior moment). But it's really masarap! Just across Marco Polo Hotel.

A zoolander look on the way to the restaurant.

Chia chia time!

Daming rice n'yan Phoem ha?

Xiao Long Bao galore!

Pickled cucumbers. Love it!

One of my favorite stores in Hong Kong.

Check out these mannequins and their cool outfits.

Enchong Dee, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, PatP Daza & Leo Katigbak at the lobby of Marco Polo Hotel.

Still at the lobby of Marco Polo Hotel. Photo op with Tessa & hubby Dennis (without flash).

Photo op with Tessa & hubby Dennis, this time with flash.

Photo op with Tessa & hubby Dennis with Joseph and without flash.

Photo op with Tessa with Enchong, Joseph, Peter, Miko with flash at the lobby of Marco Polo Hotel. (pajulit-julit)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Famous Hong Kong (Part 1)

I always have a memorable time during our "Famous Trips" (a.k.a. one of dear friend's (KP) organized escapades with fabulous and famous friends). I get a thrill seeing places, getting into "chill" mode and of course, meeting new people. Make that laughing a lot and bonding with new people. That's basically what happened during our most recent trip to HongKong. We relived that "famous" spirit! Take a peek at day one of our quick weekend getaway! More to follow in my succeeding posts!

All (almost) famous! Hong Kong bound!

Me & my good friend Anton Barretto.

Inseparable Nix Alanon & Rajo Laurel.

Fun duo PatP Daza & Leo Katigbak!

The ever beautiful Patty Betita.

Mr. Good Looking Model Peter Norrdell.

Tessa Prieto Valdes & Phoemela Baranda on the same flight with Atty. Lorna Kapunan

Three's a company. Nikki Valdes, Enchong Dee & Monch Novales.

Another three's a company. Top fashion photographer Paolo Pineda, make-up artist to the big (hunk) stars (Piolo, Sam, Gerald, Enchong, Joseph, etc.) Peps Silvestre & Men's Health's Team Art Director Glen Concio.

"Hello babe? I'll go to Hong Kong lang ha?," says Men's Health's favorite photographer Jake Verzosa.

Gorgeous guys IT-model Miko Raval & model-turned-actor Joseph Marco.

Nix & Rajo. On board Philippine Airlines!

Ang taas ng araw inside the plane, right Nikki & Phoem?

Patty: "Where's my seat? Am I on business class?"

Yehey, I found my seat!

BFF Angelette Calero.

Welcome to Hong Kong International Airport!

It's the rimowa family!

Tessa's first outfit!

Strike a pose!

Kayo din boys, strike a pose!

Traveling light. Scarf lang ang accessory!

Jake: "Hello babe, I'm in Hong Kong airport lang."

PatP, that's not yours!

Monch, that's not yours either!

This is mine!