Friday, February 27, 2015

A True Legend

Thanks to Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother fame, the word legendary entered the pop culture. The problem is the true gravitas of the word lost its impact. A true legend never has to declare legendary status. Such is the case with national treasure Armida Siguion Reyna, who has left her mark on our musical heritage, television and film history and has had an insider's view into our politics, both as the sister of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and the friend of another legend Imelda Romualdez Marcos, and as a congressional candidate and the head of the MTRCB. The book launch of her memoirs/authorized biography was an elegant yet still low key event filled with bright stars from showbiz, business, society and her closest family and friends. The book was spearheaded by her daughter Monique Villongco and it is both the story of a life and a firsthand history of a vital chapter of television and film of our nation.

Lovely cover!

And of course, lovely flower arrangement!

Me and Law

Eric Quizon

Tres Titas: Susan Joven, Virgie Ramos & Millet Mananquil

Mark Yambot & Ipe Cruz

Newly wed Heart Evangelista-Escudero & Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares

Armida Siguion-Reyna being greeted by Gretchen Barretto, Tony Boy Cojuangco & Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez

Armida Siguion-Reyna with Vice President Jejomar Binay

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What’s making Joseph Marco fired up?

Have you seen this new teaser video from KFC?

It’s basically my favorite actor Joseph Marco eating fried chicken. He seems so fired up though. So much so he had to take off almost all his clothes! Oops. Was that a spoiler?

Good thing he has a bottle of Perfect Coke though! He looks like he wouldn’t survive it otherwise!

Well whatever it is that’s making him all fired up, we’ll all find out on Feb. 27. In the meantime, watch Joseph sweat in the video below! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Have you tasted Coke for the first time again?

My life is all about trying something new, especially when it comes to exciting my tastebuds. If there’s a new restaurant in town, I’d find a way to be among its first customers. So when I heard Coca-Cola’s new campaign about tasting Coke for the first time again, I knew I had to be one of the first lucky people to try it out!

I really wasn’t sure what Coca-Cola was talking about until it simultaneously launched the Perfect Coke last February 15 in three venues – Abreeza Mall Davao, Ayala Center Cebu, and Glorietta Makati. And yes, you read it right. Coca-Cola launched the Perfect Coke. How did it become perfect, you ask?

Well apparently the Coca-Cola we’ve loved for so many years can still taste so much better! How? By simply chilling it to 3˚! This takes the Coca-Cola experience to a whole new level. Words can’t even express how the Perfect Coke tastes. I myself was speechless after my super sarap ng first Perfect Coke experience!

The Perfect Coke launch was a day of many firsts. It also marked the first public appearances of a couple of new additions to the Coca-Cola family! New Coke Ambassador Janella Salvador was with the very handsome Joseph Marco in the Cebu launch, while Jerome Ponce graced the celebrations in Davao with the beautiful Julia Montes.

We also met for the first time Mr. Diego Granizo, the newly-appointed General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines. He said this campaign is the company’s way of reconnecting with the consumers. An effective one at that! Personally, it’s been a challenge for me to stop drinking the Perfect Coke after just one bottle. It’s so refreshing that I keep on wanting more!

Good thing there were lots of Perfect Coke given away during the launch. Coca-Cola had gigantic coolers set up in the three venues. These were attached to really tall thermometers, which doubled up as countdown timers to reveal that the Perfect Coke is perfectly chilled at 3˚! Witty, right?

Congratulations, Coca-Cola on another successful launch! And thank you so much for sharing with us the Perfect Coke! It was really like tasting Coke for the first time again. Sarap ng first!

Perfect Coke Launch set-up at Abreeza Mall, Davao.

"Mas masaya ngayon ang bawat inom ng Coke dahil sa bagong discovery na ‘to. Parang first time ko uli natikman ang Coke dahil ibang klase talaga ang sarap!" says Julia Montes.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Commercial Unit Associate Director (Mindanao) Jay Justiniano, Coca-Cola Philippines Sparkling Category Marketing Manager Teejae Sonza, Coca-Cola Philippines Finance Director Eduardo Rearte, newly appointed Coca-Cola Philippines General Manager Diego Granizo, Coca-Cola Philippines IMC Director Jesus Ferreira, Coca-Cola Philippines Market Development Manager (Mindanao) JB Cajita, and Coca-Cola Ambassadors Julia Montes & Jerome Ponce pour buckets of ice into the gigantic cooler at Abreeza Mall, Davao

Newly appointed Coca-Cola Philippines General Manager Diego Granizo leads the Perfect Coke celebration in Davao. He is among the first people to happily open their Perfect Coke chilled at 3˚, truly a #SarapNgFirst.

Perfect Coke Launch set-up at The Terraces, Ayala Centre Cebu.

Coca-Cola Ambassadors Janella Salvador & Joseph Marco with Coca-Cola Philippines Senior IMC Manager Nikki Benitez, Coca-Cola FEMSA Region Manager (Cebu) Charles Golingay, Coca-Cola Philippines Vice President for Marketing Jasmin Vinculado, and Coca-Cola Philippines Business Intelligence Director Dawn Alarcon reveal the Perfect Coke at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

Coca-Cola Ambassador Joseph Marco

Coca-Cola Ambassador Janella Salvador

Coke Happy Cycles now going around barangays to serve Perfect Coke chilled at 3˚.

Coca-Cola Ambassadors Janella Salvador & Joseph Marco try out the Coke Happy Cycles at The Terraces, Ayala Centre Cebu.

Gigantic cooler set-up catches eyes in the New Activity Center, Glorietta, Makati.

Giant thermometer shows Perfect Coke is chilled to perfection at 3˚.

The Myxx dancers opened the Perfect Coke launch in the New Activity Center of Glorietta, Makati.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Region Manager (Mendiola) Clayton Sugay & Coca-Cola Philippines Group Brand Manager Derek Sotto, together with teen stars Miles Ocampo and Manolo Pedrosa, share the Perfect Coke in the New Activity Center, Glorietta, Makati.