Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Show your fighting spirit color with Havaianas + UAAP 2016 Collection!

University life can be quite the challenge when you’re juggling your academics and your social life and at the same time shedding from your teenage cocoon and spreading your wings to adulthood.
It sounds mad enough but even in the midst of all this chaos, university life can be quite fun and it can the best time for you to step out of your comfort zone and be a part of life’s endless opportunities. Take it from someone with experience; because in this stage, there are more ways to spread your wings and let your spirit soar.
This September, the world’s favorite flip-flop brand, Havaianas, helps lifts up the school spirit in you as it launches its new UAAP 2016 collection in time for the 79th season of University Athletic Association of the Philippines or as we all simply know as the UAAP games!
The Havaianas + UAAP collection features colorful and iconic designs based on each of the participating UAAP schools’ mascots-- ‘The King’ Blue Eagle head of Ateneo de Manila, the Green Archers’ bow and arrow of De LaSalle University, the growling Tiger’s Black-gold, black-white stripes of University of Sto. Tomas, the soaring Falcon wings of Adamson University, the strapping Tamarraw horns of Far Eastern University, the firm clenched fists of the Fighting Maroons of UP Diliman, the fierce Bulldog of National University and last but definitely not the least is the symbol of the mighty Red Warrior of the University of the East.

Each pair of the Havaianas + UAAP 2016 collection is at P1,195 and is available at selected Havaianas retailers nationwide. From September 1-18, you can get 2 complimentary baller bands with a single-receipt purchase of 2 regular-priced pairs, inclusive of at least 1 Havaianas + UAAP 2016 pair too!

With all these fun new designs from the collection, it’s time to show what your fighting spirit is made of and shout out who you’ll be routing for in the upcoming excitement of this year’s UAAP season.
For more details about Havaianas + UAAP 2016 collection, you can like the official Havaianas Philippines Facebook page or follow @havaianasphils on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. If you want to shop online, visit http://shophavaianas.ph/.

Havaianas + UAAP UE with the iconic figure of the Red Warrior

Havaianas + UAAP NU with the loyal yet ferocious Bulldog

Havaianas + UAAP FEU pair with the fierce Tamarraw horns

Havaianas + UAAP DLSU with its symbolic green archers

Havaianas + UAAP ADU flip-flops with the soaring falcon wings in the soles

Havaianas + UAAP ADMU pair with its 'King' Blue Eagle heads

Havaianas + UAAP UP flip-flops with the firm and strong fists of the Fighting Maroons

Havaianas +UAAP UST pair with the menacing claw marks of the Growling Tiger

Friday, August 26, 2016

It's LA All-Day in today's issue of Style Weekend Magazine

In this modern age, the rise of social media has become a powerful tool of communication especially for today's youth. A simple post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (the top social media sites) can make an impact to society as the need to be connected and stay connected has become a way of life; a part of an everyday routine for many, not to mention some of the public's favorite celebrities and idols like the rising Insta-star LA Aguinaldo.

As one the many fans of this strapping young lad who has been recognized for his modelling contributions for SM Youth, the winner of Axe Gold Man and the awardee for Asia's favorite model star last year in South Korea, it really is quite unbelievable that he was once among the wallflowers. And now, as he shares his story in today's Manila Bullletin Style Weekend Magazine (August 26, 2016), we get to learn how the It Boy came to be a social media sensation.

In his cover story for Style Weekend, LA mentioned that his presence in the social media community is his way of heartily expressing his love and appreciation for his fans, or of which he refers to as his 'fam'. "They really are the best." he says, "I can see the difference it makes. If one of them tweets that they have an exam, I wish them good luck. It's a very small thing that can actually mean a lot."

LA's passion to stay connected through social media earned him over 122,000 followers on his Instagram and has also earned him the unofficial title of 'social media king' by this generation. He even recently created his own Youtube channel.

But while with his social media fame and his all-around attitude that helps him blend well with everyone he meets, LA admitted that used to be this shy chubby kid in school who couldn't get a prom date!

"In highschool, I wasn't the popular guy or anything like that. I didn't really belong to any one group because I was friends with everyone.... But actually, not being boxed in is good because you learn to relate to different people." LA said.

Starting out as a Candy Cutie by Candy magazine back in 2011 opened many doors for LA as he soon started to realize that confidence was key to reaching his dreams. Despite having great talent in modelling, he strove harder until he was truly recognized and that gave him many opportunities. He has worked with renowned photographers such as BJ Pascual, Shaira Luna, Joseph Pascual and Clyde Gabriel for fashion shoots and was even granted ambassadorship for big digital companies like Globe Telecom and Lazada.

Now, LA is working on his next project involving the release of his new bookazine called LA: An All-Day Date on Paper, which gives some info of himself from his favorite workout routines to his insights on his career path.

With all this action happening in LA's life, who's to say what he'll do next? But whatever the It Boy LA is going to do, it's pretty certain he has his heart set for his dreams and I don't think there is any stopping for this handsome young boy wonder.

For more information on LA Aguinaldo, you can grab a copy of his cover story on Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend magazine issued today (August 26, 2016) or you can catch him online through his social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube to see what he's up to next!

The Insta-star LA Aguinaldo on the cover of Style Weekend Magazine (issue of August 26, 2016)

Sit back and relax with LA All Day!

"Style is my way of expressing myself", LA says in his cover story

LA takes time to greet and talk to his fans online

With or without glasses, it's not hard to see that LA has got the flair for modelling

Friday, August 12, 2016

Rise like champions with Havaianas Rio 2016 Collection

As the Rio 2016 Olympic games are happening in the vibrant city of Rio de Janiero in Brazil this month, Brazilian flip-flop brand, Havaianas, celebrates its successful launch with the release of its new Havaianas Rio 2016 collection!

The Rio 2016 Committee has collaborated with the brand's new product range with the colors and designs inspired by the various brightly colors of the landscapes of beautiful Rio and the game's mascot Vinicius! 

The highlight of the collection is the Rio 2016 model with the Top shape of the flip-flop designed with a thick unisex figure and has two-tone straps. The 2 main designs are the Sugar Loaf and the other, Christ the Redeemer, printed on top of the foot soles. These are also available in slim versions, with thinner and more delicate straps for the feminine preference.

The Top Esportes was inspired by the Olympic modalities. With 3 different printed pictograms available in lively Brazilians colors of blue, green and white that just make you feel the action and energy of the games.

Slim Carioca puts a more ambient feel of Rio de Janeiro's scenic beauty. This model features 3 landscape designs in vibrant shades of blue, green, yellow and orange with translucent straps to match! 

The mascot model, on the otherhand, is a bigger hit among kids as the flip-flops are available in various Brazilian colors and imprinted with Rio's Olympic mascot Vinicius printed on the sole alongside the official Rio 2016 symbol.

'Higher. Faster. Stronger!' I yell as I put on my own Havaianas Rio pair and watch the mighty take their places in the tournament. What can I say? With all these fun new designs, it's hard not to get into all the excitement with the Rio 2016 Olympics!

The Rio 2016 collection is available in select Havaianas retailers nationwide. For more updates, check Havaianas Philippines on Facebook and follow @havaianasphils on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Havaianas Top Rio 2016 model in white and blue

Havaianas Slim Rio  2016 model in white and green

Havaianas Slim Rio  2016 model in white and orange
Havaianas Slim Carioca  model in Citrus orange

Havaianas Slim Carioca  model in Lemon green

Havaianas Slim Carioca  model in Turquoise blue

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Celebrate the rain and sunshine in colors with new Havaianas umbrellas!

I think I've already mentioned it before, but I never get to stress how much I looove fashion! I just adore seeing the mix of colors and the play of patterns on clothes and accessories, creating different styles and looks on people that they become like canvasses for moving pieces of art. So whether or nor it's a gloomy day outside, there's nothing like the lovely splash of colors of my jacket, bag, jewelry or even my umbrella to brighten up my day as I walk the busy streets.

And so, with the wet season comes storming in, the world's favorite Brazilian flip-flop brand, Havainas, recently released its new line of color changing umbrellas. Yes. They can change colors!

While these new umbrellas are designed to be foldable and easy to carry, they also have these cute little white flip-flop prints around them that have the ability to change into multiple colors whenever they make contact with water. So whether it rains or shines, these handy umbrellas make one heck of a fashion statement as well.

What's even more exciting is that from July 29 to August 31, 2016, to celebrate the 11th anniversary of All Flip-Flops, Havaianas is giving out the umbrellas for only P220 for every single-receipt purchase of 2 pairs of Havaianas flip-flops or at least a P1,500 worth of regular-priced Havaianas merchandise. (I'd love to see what colors they have available that could match most of my outfits.)

The offer is available in various participating Havaianas retailers nationwide. To know more information about this promo, check out the Havaianas Philippines official Facebook page or follow @havaianasphils on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

I'd love to go out  the sunshine and rain  with these fashionable umbrellas!
I'd love to have that perfect 'kilig' moment under that umbrella, too!
Her back may be turned but she's definitely singing in the rain with that vibrant navy blue umbrella. Wait till more colors start popping out!
I looove this light blue shade! Reminds me of the sky with soon to be rainbow colors once the flip-flops start to change color