Friday, May 30, 2014

Joseph Joseph

I’m always excited to see my favorite Joseph Marco on the cover of magazines. It’s as if something new has happened to him every time he is featured in one. This time though, Joseph and Garage Magazine have really outdone themselves!

Joseph is Garage’s June issue cover, with shots taken at the heavenly St. James’s Park in London. The cover perfectly captured the month’s theme – Alfresco – with Joseph looking hot and dapper amid cherry blossoms and luscious green grass. Makes me want to go on a picnic!

Thanks to Doc Marlon, Joseph’s photo look so divine! He was able to magnify the already screaming beauty of St. James’s Park, making it look so much more like paradise.

Of course Peps Silvestre did not disappoint with Joseph’s immaculate grooming that was perfect for the scene.

The photo shoot was also recorded on video by Fold Canela, can’t wait to see it and the inside pages of Garage’s June issue!

Kudos to Garage EIC Rey Ilagan and his team!

Toby's Estate

I read once that coffee is the most traded item in the world, more than oil even! So it is no surprise that coffee shops continue to evolve and increase. The newest coffee craze is often called the Third Wave coffee shop; the first was coffee as a straightforward beverage, then the ubiquitous coffee chain and now, the specialized chain. With its own actual estate in Panama, Toby's Estate had special beans blended and brewed and you can truly taste it. And with a decor that's industrial and urban, completely stocked with insider magazines such as Love and CRFashion Notebook, it is the place to be.

Hmm What to order?

Decided to have a thirst-quenching Iced Flat White!

And of course, my favorite Pistachio Cheesecake! Yummy!

Brownies of different size and textures!

Love the see-through kitchen.

A mix of industrial and urban feel.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Marian Rivera for Hana: Naturally Beautiful

New face of HANA: Marian Rivera

I had a very beautiful afternoon last Monday, May 26, at the New World Hotel in Makati. It was the official launch of Marian Rivera as the new and first ever celebrity endorser of Shokubutsu Hana Shampoo in the country.

Marian really is the perfect choice for Hana, a brand that believes real beauty is the kind that is achieved naturally. And if anyone could be a role model for natural beauty, that would be no other than Marian.

She was so simple in her press conference, dressed in a floral dress, with her long hair hanging down her back. But she looked so pristine! When she came out on stage, it was as if a goddess appeared out of nowhere.

Peerless Products Manufacturing Corp. President and CEO Simeon Tiu, HANA Ambassador Marian Rivera, and Peerless VP for Sales and Marketing Jasper Tiu

Peerless Lion Corporation Marketing Director Pen Roque, Peerless Products Manufacturing Corp.President and CEO Simeon Tiu, HANA Ambassador Marian Rivera, Peerless Lion Business Development Manager Hiroki Matsunaga, and Peerless Products Manufacturing Corp. VP for Sales and Marketing Jasper Tiu

Marian also gamely and boldly answered all the questions thrown her way.

She said she is able to do this by being confident about herself, adding that as long as she’s being real and true to herself, she can answer any question with her head high.

Host Randy See

Thanks to Hana, I’m really glad there is finally a brand, and a woman with a voice that can be heard, that promotes natural beauty. Marian will definitely inspire more women to be proud of who they are, naturally.