Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let’s Talk About Water

As a very hands-on aunt, I only want the best for my nephews and nieces. When I’m not with them, I worry for their safety – who they’re with, what they eat and drink, when they’re coming home. I guess it’s natural for a very hands-on tita to have moments of doubts when it comes to members of her family.

Last June 25, Wilkins had the media over at The Manila Peninsula for a conference on the importance of safe drinking water. The event was hosted by radio DJ and mom Delamar Arias, who shared stories on raising her adorable son Cooper.

Grandmothers, moms, and even aunts usually have a Circle of Trust that they turn to in moments of doubt. The Circle of Trust is mom’s most trusted support group that ensures the safety and health of her children. Even though I don’t have kids of my own, I still have my Circle of Trust includes my mom, our family doctor, relatives and friends.

Host Delamar Arias joins trusted experts Wilkins Brand Manager Criselle
Pascual-Villafuerte,  Pediatrician Dr. Sally Gatchalian, and Coca-Cola ASEAN
Quality, Safety & Environment Director Arnel Cabungcal
Dr. Sally Gatchalian stressed the importance of drinking only clean and safe drinking water. She said that unsafe drinking water, combined with lack of sanitation and poor hygiene, risks the body to diarrheal diseases. It’s really during these rainy seasons that waterborne diseases are most prevalent so I always tell my nieces and nephews to extra precaution so as to avoid getting sick. Aside from safe drinking water, Dr. Sally also said that hydration is also key in the prevention of these diseases.

When it comes to safe drinking water, Wilkins Distilled is the most trusted by moms and prescribed by pediatricians. Arnel Cabungcal, ASEAN Quality, Environment & Safety Director of The Coca-Cola Company, walked us through the distillation process. And what makes Wilkins different from the others is that it undergoes an extra purifying step called reverse osmosis to make sure that the water is 100% clean and pure.
With my participative and active seat mates Clara Palma, Ching Alano
and Donna Cuna-Pita

Team Wilkins: (L-R) Coca-Cola ASEAN Quality, Safety & Environment Director Arnel Cabungcal, Coca-Cola Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director Angie Miles, Coca-Cola Category Marketing Manager (Stills & New Categories) Teejae Sonza, Coca-Cola Group Brand Manager (Stills & New Categories) Criselle Pascual-Villafuerte, and Coca-Cola Senior IMC Manager (Stills Category) Nikki Benitez

The Wilkins media conference was definitely an informative afternoon for me. I’ve learned so much about water, waterborne diseases, and the importance of safe drinking water as shared by the guest speakers. I also had fun with the quizzes after every segment. I even won a case of Wilkins distilled drinking water for getting an answer right. Now that was a time well spent – delicious food, great speakers, interesting topics, and good company.

The Most Trusted Water Brand of Moms
and Pediatricians
Donna Cuna-Pita

Monday, June 29, 2015

One with Nature: Hana unveils newest Marian Rivera TVCs

Hana Shampoo and Conditioner Variants: Soft & Silky,
Anti-Hairfall, and Anti-Dandruff

I attended a very entertaining media conference last June 25, Thursday, at the Makati Diamond Residences. It was the unveiling of Shokubutsu Hana Shampoo’s newest television commercials starring brand ambassador Marian Rivera.

Marian was in her fifth month of pregnancy and she looked beautiful as ever. I can’t help but notice her happy disposition, glowing skin, and hair full of life. There’s no denying that pregnancy agrees with her.

Hana endorser Marian Rivera

The commercials were the last projects she did before going on a temporary leave from showbiz. Set in natural setting, the TVCs showed Marian being her most beautiful self. Reminiscent of a goddess, it’s such a refreshing sight to see her in a white sundress, minimal makeup on, with her long and lively hair down.

The 30-year-old actress said she maintains her hair vibrant and healthy with Hana shampoo. Free from unnecessary layers and artificial filters, Hana brings hair to life by adding vitality and nutrition to your hair, using 100% natural cleansing ingredients. The soon-to-be mom only trusts the brand for hair care, with its promise of long-term benefits.

Blessed with one of the most beautiful faces in Philippine show business, armed with charm and candor to boot, it’s not surprising that the actress is the brand’s ambassador. In fact, Hana is so happy with Marian on board that they renewed her contract during the event.

Peerless Lion President & CEO Simeon Tiu, Hana Ambassador Marian Rivera, and 
Peerless Lion VP for Sales & Marketing renew contract for another year

Host Richard Hwan, TBWA Creative Directors Chino Jayme and Ali Silao, Peerless Lion Brand Manager Lesley Yu, Peerless Lion President & CEO Simeon Tiu, Hana Ambassador Marian Rivera, Peerless Lion VP for Sales & Marketing Jasper Tiu, Peerless Lion Marketing Director Pen Roque, and Peerless Lion Marketing Manager Norman Mier.

Also during the event, the TBWA team and Hana team presented the awards for the critically acclaimed Hana Water Billboard, which received several awards from New York's Clio Image awards and The One Show, Asia-Pacific's Adfest, and France's Cannes Lion Festival. The Hana water billboard is made of pollution-reducing Vetiver, a non-invasive grass used to treat wastewater. I was so in awe of the campaign. It's such a powerful and creative medium to clean the Pasig river and spread awareness at the same time.

The event was a great way to spend the afternoon, with Marian entertaining the media and enthusiastically answering all the questions especially on how she takes proper care of her hair. She really is the epitome of a naturally beautiful woman, inside and out.

Friday, June 26, 2015

#imaPreviewgirl : Celebrating 20 Years of Philippine Fashion

When I received my invite for this year's Preview Fashion Ball, I can't believe that it's been 20 years since I became the first editor-in-chief of the now highly-estemeed fashion magazine. I was suddenly sentimental as all the memories came rushing back in. I remember the countless editorials, endless articles and edits, interesting personalities I've interviewed, the late nights of closing one issue after the other. As demanding as it was, I can honestly say that my stint in Preview was one of the highlights of my career. As Preview has grown immensely, so did I. I've made a lot of friends, produced great stories, and at the same time I was having the time of my life.

Attending the Preview Fashion Ball later will surely get me reminiscing in nostalgia. But more than that, my heart is filled with nothing but pride. Pride that what I've started is now two decades strong and still growing. Hats off to Pauline Juan and the whole Preview team for revolutionising Philippine fashion. I always look forward to getting my monthly copy for my dose of beauty of fashion, artistic and tasteful editorials, and hard-working feature stories.

Everything that the first Preview team has started has now come full circle. I cannot wait to celebrate the magazine's 20th anniversary later. I'm sure it will be a night of fun, fashion, and glamour.
Congratulations, Preview!