Friday, June 27, 2014

Contiki: A Story of a Journey and the Journey of a Story

Though Contiki was founded way back in 1962, it is still 50 years young. As travel and the young people who see the world grow and evolve, the Contiki experience has become a more vivid and dynamic way to see the world. The Contiki Storytellers best exemplifies this new ethos. The first ever Filipino Contiki storytellers Nicky and Mikael Daez documented their sojourn to Costa Rica, and the eloquent and personable Mikael declared it the best journey of his life. "Travel can really make you grow as a person and the group and the activities that Contiki puts together will give you a truly fresh perspective."

Mikael was wowed by the experience of witnessing a giant turtle lay its eggs, and then learning about conservators work in tracking and tracing these eggs. He was incredulous that Costa Rica limits their development on their most beautiful beaches. He adds. "They are by no means a rich country . They are Third World just as we are; but the way they love the environment and protect it is such a part of their culture. We have a long way to go but that why I am so excited to share this story."

Traveling with a diverse group also deepens the experience. Mikael shares. " they were from all over the world. One guy is a professional YouTuber and he really got me thinking of how to make my videos. One girl was determined to have a journalists career but she spent one month in Africa, and then stayed two years! She just stayed with friends and friends of friends. Each and every person in the group really impacted me In a different way."

Kevin Khor of the Contiki Regional Office summed it up best: "We are all storytellers." And even the simplest story can change the world.

Just daydreaming about adventure already makes me feel more adventurous!

An exciting way to travel!

Yes we are!!!

Public Relations Specialist for The Travel Corporation Choy Teh, Contiki Storyteller Mikael Daez, Head of Sales and Marketing, Asia for Contiki Kevin Khor.

General Manager - Energy Services for Carlson Wagonlit Travel Alberto Santos Jr., Contiki Storyteller Mikael Daez, General Manager, Rajah Travel Corporation Melma Sayson.

The girls of Gasso

Attentively listening! Mikael did a really great job with telling his stories!

Contiki Storyteller Mikael Daez