Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Coca-Cola Mismo Day!

The wait is finally over! While I have mentioned in my last blog about the mysterious crates scattered among three major malls in Manila namely, TriNoma, Market! Market! and Glorietta, I have also been doing a lot of asking around before the reveal. I found out, much to my surprise, about some vivid details last June 8.

Hauling in an anticipation like never before, Glee stars Jacob Artist, Melissa Benoist, Dean Geyer and Becca Tobin arrived in the Philippines for a once in a lifetime event.

I know, I was there! They, along with the Happiness Ambassadors of Coca-Cola Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Joseph Marco, and Kathryn Bernardo, led the unveiling of the mysterious red crates (simultaneously in the three malls) that contained none other than the new Coca-Cola Mismo! I enjoyed the drink that now comes in 300ml pet bottle for only P10.00, not to mention, the many other surprises and energy of the fans who were all cheering out loud for their idols. Well, it’s one thing to enjoy a refreshing drink, but even better to hang out with my favorite stars. Thank you Coca-Cola!

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Everybody loves Coca-Cola Mismo!
FACES OF GLEE! The four musical rookies, decked in Coca-Cola colors, from the new season of Glee join Coca-Cola Mismo launch in a larger-than-life launch that surprised Gleeks all over Metro Manila
Melissa Benoist who plays the role of the new Rachel of the show, Marley Rose
Becca Tobin who plays the feisty Kitty Wilde in the familiar Cheerios uniform was, in person, a lovely personable young superstar
Dean Geyer, the New Yorker, Brody, who replaced (for a moment) Finn in Rachel's heart, turns out to be a fun goofball in his stay in the Philippines
Jacob Artist, the bad boy with musical genes earned by being a Puckerman was, in person, a real soft-spoken gentleman.
My favorite four gamely answered questions after the successful press conference.
And of course, couldn't miss a photo op with these guys!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What Lies Within?!

"Curiosity kills the cat," but not me. I'm very fond of surprises. I'm sure this new concept from Coca-Cola is bound to catch nationwide attention, whoever thought of this, kudos to you! But, wow! Crates? Surprises come in boxes, they come in packages, and sometimes, they even come in the form of envelopes, but crates?!

I'm intrigued by the strange, large crates stationed across town in only the hottest of hang outs in the Metro, from Trinoma (in Quezon City), to Glorietta (in Makati City) and even  Market! Market! (in Taguig City). What's even more interesting is that they are made even more exciting by an larger-than-life timer-installation. Whatever Coca-Cola has up its sleeves, I hope it isn't explosive.

Regardless of that, I will be waiting, and by the time the timer expires, I'm sure another milestone will make a big bang only to be described by two simple words, "Ito Na!"

Giant Red Mystery Crates got this Market Market activity center abuzz! 
The curious case of Coca-Cola. (haha)
More and more people are intrigued. Packages from the moon, anyone?
Elephant in the room. The giant mystery crate installed right where  everyone can see it.