Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wilkins Pure: Drink 8 Everyday

From the beginning, we've constantly been bombarded with reminders of the importance of water. And truth be told, it is easy to say that we're living a clean, responsible, healthy life leaving behind these small reminders from textbooks.

And when the sun makes its presence felt, it’s automatic that each one of us becomes more than raring to head to the beach (me included)—taking off from the stress-filled days at work, taking advantage of the hot and dry season and getting carried away at times, even forgetting watching out for ourselves when we’re having fun.

Of course, I always bring a sunscreen to bounce off the heat, even turning to my fashionable umbrellas and swimwear, but more than trying to protect what's on the outside, we should also edge for our insides, namely, rehydration.

The worst part, none of us is getting younger, yes, honesty is always the best policy in terms of age. And I could say our dashing bodies need to rejuvenate to stay young and fit. Fret no more, from what I've heard, Wilkins Pure, who recently released the newest packaged water variant of The Coca-Cola Company, went on with a statement about health, and I quote, "we believe that caring for one’s health and wellness begins from keeping yourself hydrated. Our bodies lose large amounts of water each day, which must be replaced.” said hydration expert Dr. Ann Grandjean.

Amen to that! Just imagine those vitamins and minerals which are vital for the body, water is an agent which will circulate those from within. So what are you waiting for, be synched with the hydration craze!

But don't just take my word for it, check out these select individuals for example, different expertise, different hobbies, different lifestyles, but only one refreshment in mind. They are the perfect personas of hydration, singling out the simple act of drinking eight glasses propel them to be the experts that they are today.

Megan Young, Actress

“Summer season has been very hot this year, that’s why I started a new habit. I drink eight glasses of Wilkins Pure everyday. I’m more hydrated during hot shooting days and I feel that my skin looks good and less dry. When I drink water,  fresh ang feeling. And it shows on my skin too!”

Jay Gonzaga, Muay Thai Practitioner

“With the intense heat of summer and my muay thai training, I can never get dehydrated or else I’ll pass out. So even before, during and after training I have a habit of drinking Wilkins Pure. It keeps me up and on my guard. Drink 8 everyday!”

Phoemela Baranda, Yoga Enthusiast

“It gets pretty hot during yoga sessions especially during the summer. But I understand that water helps maintain my body temperature. So I started a habit of drinking eight glasses of Wilkins Pure everyday for a more enjoyable and relaxing yoga session.”

Miko Raval, Student

“The best defense is getting a head start on dehydration especially during the hottest of days. So even before I feel thirsty, I drink water. I started a habit of drinking eight glasses of Wilkins Pure everyday. This habit keeps me on my toes in school.”

Robbie Mananquil, Musician

“With the summer heat and the gigs I play, my body works hard to keep up with my schedule. So I make sure I drink eight glasses of Wilkins Pure everyday. Not only does it rehydrate, it also helps nutrients get to where they need to go.”

Nikita McElroy, Football Player

“Football is such an active sport. Not only does it help me maintain my physique, it helps me keep myself fit. But with the constant sweating, the risk of dehydration is my constant enemy. So even before I play, I have a habit of drinking eight glasses of Wilkins Pure throughout the day to make sure I’m always hydrated.”
AJ Dee, Chef

“As a chef I understand that water helps my digestion. So I make sure to keep my habit of drinking eight glasses of Wilkins Pure everyday to help the food go down easier. Healthy food + Wilkins Pure = Healthy Me!”
Mia Ayesa, Club DJ

“This summer brings about late nights and long hours of production, so I started a habit of drinking eight glasses of Wilkins Pure to keep myself hydrated and refreshed. The more I drink, the more I feel my body is cleansed from all the partying.”
Miguel Lasala, Basketball Player

“Before games, I always make sure I’m hydrated. So I started a habit of drinking eight glasses of Wilkins Pure throughout the day. I have more energy and it keeps me focused all the time.”
Mark Lopez, Nurse

“Being a nurse, my patients are my number 1 priority. So I need to take care of my body. When people ask me how do I cope up with things at work? Simple, I drink lots of water. And I have taken on this habit of drinking 8 glasses of Wilkins Pure everyday. I feel that it helps wash away all the toxins, so I feel cleansed and refreshed.”
Peter Norrdell, Entrepreneur/Real Estate

“Water is a big part of my day, that’s why I always make sure that I drink 8 glasses of Wilkins Pure to stay hydrated.  Water not only refreshes me, but it keeps me going to keep the sales going! When I started to take on this habit, I feel more refreshed and less tired!"
Charina Sarte, Fashion Designer

“Being in the fashion industry means that I have to look my best outside which starts from the inside. So I drink lots of water everyday.  It helps transport nutrients throughout my body making sure I’m always at my best. My fashion forecast? Drink 8 glasses of Wilkins Pure because it does the body good.”