Thursday, October 25, 2012

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama: Connect the dots!

If there’s someone who can easily be attributed to polka dots, it definitely is Yayoi Kusama. Kusama is a Japanese artist and writer who has worked through a wide variety of media like painting, collage, sculpture, environmental installations and even performance art all exhibiting her inkling on psychedelic colors, and pattern repetition.

Considered widely influenced by contemporaries including Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg, Kusama has been hailed a precursor of the pop art, minimalist and feminist art movements. Sadly, Kusama’s light faded considerably dimmed after turning her back to the New York art scene in the early ‘70s. But now more than ever, Kusama’s been described as one of the most important art luminaries of Japan, not to mention an embodiment of avant-garde.

Born in Matsumoto, Nagano into an upper middle-class family, Kusama developed a deep relationship with the arts studying Nihonga painting in Kyoto in 1948. Kusama has then created a name that is known for producing conceptual art with attributes on feminism, minimalism, surrealism, Art Brut, pop art, and abstract expressionism, married expertly with autobiographical, psychological, and sexual content. In fact, she is also a published novelist and poet, highly noted for her works in film and fashion design.

Recently, Marc Jacobs‘ admiration for the eccentric Japanese artist led him to partner with Kusama’s famous “obsessive character” when they first met in 2006. From this, an exciting collaboration was birthed by the luxury house of Louis Vuitton featuring another round of pumpkin-inspired products.
Kusama notes of this partnership, “Polka dots are a way to infinity.” Kusama’s “Infinity Rooms” is her largest one so far mounted in an exhibition space at the Louis Vuitton Maison on Bond Street. This then ran until June of 2012 and was described in their press release as a series of “immersive environments”. Above all else, Kusama is not just an artist but a writer waiting to be experienced.

Obsession can only be described in two words - Yayoi Kusama.
In her case, it's polka dots.
In New York City
"New year trend?"
Polka dots is all year round.

Yayoi's giant yellow-and-black pumpkin on Naoshima Island, in Japan's inland sea.

Don't be fooled by the hair, she is a design genius by heart.

Window display in Louis Vuitton Hong Kong.
Louis Vuitton and Kusama is equals to contemporary fashion.

Welcome to her world!

Love these Yayoi dolls!

How cute! I hope I can snag some.

Outside Dover Street Market in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.
As Gina Pareno said in the movie "The Reunion" - Connect the dots!
If you think the outside says it all, wait 'till you see what's in store.

One word - magnificent!

COMME des GARÇONS Good Design Shop

Good may very well be an understatement when describing this concept space we found in our brief stay in Japan. The Good Design Shop of COMME des GARÇONS displays a hodgepodge of timeless items that incredibly speak of limitless possibilities from its bevy of available items from furniture, electronics down to household items.

Born out of visionary Kenmei Nagaoka’s penchant to bring artisans and designers together, the Good Design Concept store’s curation is gallery-like which makes the space appeal to almost all consumer types. Truly one of the best qualities of Japanese creations is that they don’t make it look like it’s just something they put together for profit. I’m dying to have this in the Philippines. Hmm, businessmen? Any takers?

Garage sale? Clear out warehouse? I call it style!
Novelties galore, you'll never be short of choices in this place.
My kind of "mess." A place so creative, you'll see wonders in simplicity.

No, it's not a fish port. But you will find storage  among
the countless rows of items.
Creativity over order, I'll choose the former anytime.

I need some of these in my house, time to grab some.

After countless hours of shopping, you'll be begging to have one of these  stools.

Love this store!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jirawat Bote Benchakarn

A young name in the world of retail has been making waves recently. In a trip to Thailand, we’ve graced the brilliant store of JBB. It’s wearable fashion with an attitude. In his Men’s Fashion Week appearance in 2011, we’ve seen JBB feature runway worthy street-ready designs that are paired with hip geeky specs and matching bow ties.

Preppy fashion finds its home in JBB’s small shop. Classic prints in modern silhouettes were the focal point of the store which also showcased sharp tailored jackets, sweaters, shorts, and even scarves in varying colors of mustard, olivem and even military patterns. Functional and hip. I highly suggest you get a piece or two (or a basketful of JBB goods) when you visit Thailand.

Look at that vintage sewing machine!

Small space but they have the preppiest items!

Cute bow ties!

Plain white?
Or stripes?

Mr. JBB himself!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cappellini at Bonifacio High Street

I was so thrilled when I found out that Cappellini opened its doors to local market through its local branch at the Bonifacio High Street in The Fort Global City. For those of you who know his brand of exquisite furniture of fabulosity, Cappellini is from the genius of Italian master contemporary designer Giulio Cappellini.

Renowned for his extraordinary use of color and various materials like plastic, wood, stainless steel and aluminum, Cappellini is definitely a mecca of interesting pieces to add accent to your living room (budget needed, of course). I especially like the ones that have multi-colors. It’s brave and unconventional, just the way I like it.

Elan by Jasper Morrison 1999

Peacock Armchair by Dror 2009

Mondo carpet by Lorenzo Damiani 2008
Proust Geometrica Armchair by Alessandro Mendini 1978

Bong by Giulio Cappellini 2004

New Antiques by Marcel Wanders 2005
PO/9810/9811/9812/9815 by Marcel Wanders 1998
Thinkin Man's Chair by Jasper Morrison 1988

PO/9208B medicine cabinet by Thomas Ericksson 1992
This is my favorite! Antler by Nendo 2009

New Antiques by Marcel Wanders 2005
Org table by Fabio Novembre 2001 & PO/0701 bowl by Lorenzo Damiani 2007

Tulip Armchair by Marcel Wanders 2010

Cirkel carpet by Ilaria Marelli 2008
Design powerhouse Cappellini finds new home at the Bonifacio High Street in The Fort Global City.