Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time's Up!

They say that watches are a guy’s thing—but not to me. I’ve long been a lover of watches as a fashion accessory just as guys are big with accessories that add up to their overall look. It’s this kind of assimilation to the interests of my brother and other male influences in my family that made me fall in love with these wrist-candies.

Timex, the American brand is one of the world’s most popular in terms of accessories. There has long been a clamor for watches that would marry man’s fashion sensibility and need for utility to match his enthusiasm for daily roles that he has to play.

For women, Timex has joined us in the evolution of style, joining fashion and lifestyle, evolving from the basics to the more trends-based. I personally love how the new designs still have that signature Timex look of class and sophistication while joining elements that elevate style more for the fashionably adventurous.

Timex Originals Sports Chronograph

Timex Intelligent Quartz Depth

Timex Weekender Slip Thru

Timex Originals with the Hound Tooth Strap

Timex Originals Gun Metal Case Finish

Oscars 2013: The Musical

I woke up early, and may I add extra giddy, yesterday as it marked another momentous occasion in the glitzy world of Hollywood (let’s not forget yesterday's also the 27th year celebration of the EDSA People Power Revolution). Much to the delight of every film, and of course, fashion fan, before the announcement of the best of the best in the reel world, we have all witnessed a constellation of stars assemble right before our television screens, garbed in what seems like the finest clothes ever known to men.

And this of course, is one of the biggest reasons we pay extra close attention to the boob tube to spot the hottest red carpet selections. Below are some of my favorite dresses that sashayed down the most prestigious Red Carpet in all of the fashion-salivating world (again, I exaggerate).

"Silver Linings Playbook" actress Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture.
The Best Actress awardee made tripping down the Oscars stage adorable.
Amy Adams worked this Oscar de la Renta gown.
Adams made walking up the stairs look dramatic.
This pink Prada gown made news for the Best Supporting Actress winner.
Anne's surprising peek-a-boo. 
Charlize Theron gorgeous in her pixie haircut made effortlessly elegant in her white Dior Couture gown. 
Jane Fonda stunning in her floor length yellow Versace gown...
 with a cutout back!
Naomi Watts in a luscious Armani Privé dress.
Amanda Seyfried + Alexander McQueen= red carpet winner!!
Jessica Chastain dons this nude Armani Privé gown. The dress and her Best Actress nomination made her a sure Oscars hit!
Kerry Washington in Miu Miu. Classic and chic. 
You gotta have to-die-for curves to make this geometric silver and black sequined Versace dress work. Correction: you gotta be Halle Berry! haha
Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera. Classic silhouette, classic beauty. Class act!
Emanuelle Riva regal in her Lanvin number.
Sally Field, cute in her pleated red Valentino gown. 
This year’s theme is very much into the musical genre, and of course, this is highlighted by several performances by notable artists. One of the most explosive entrances to the Oscars stage (forgive the hyperbole) was the return of such icons Barbara Streisand and Shirley Bassey. New generation of hit-superstars Adele and Jennifer Hudson also made their memorable performances on the Oscar stage. The cast of the epic Les Mis also made an impact performing one of the songs that had propelled them to become such an acclaimed hit. Russell Crowe, while admittedly not a musical guy’s guy, made all the impressive effort to sing live. While I still have better bets on who could have played his character better (one who has a better lungpower), I think his effort should be applauded.

Jennifer Hudson cut some pounds but gained extra star power singing her Oscar-winning rendition of "And I'm Telling You".
Barbra Streisand, a vision in Donna Karan, performs "Memories" for the In Memoriam tribute. Sorry guys, I need some tissue. THIS IS AN UNFORGETTABLE OSCAR MOMENT! 
Shirley Bassey sang her hit 'Goldfinger', aptly wearing a gold gorgeous dress, nearly after 5 decades after it became a hit. STANDING O? Why not!?!
Adele sings "Skyfall" in this classic beaded dress that later won the Best Original Song. Love the dress!
Norah Jones sang "Everbody Needs A Best Friend".
Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, still vivacious and impressive reprising her role in Chicago! TIMELESS BEAUTY!
MY FAVORITE, FAVORITE, FAVORITE!! The Les Mis film ensemble performing at the Oscars! This is what powerhouse means! From left, actors Aaron Tveit, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks, Hugh Jackman, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen and Russell Crowe.
Actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt, host Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Radcliffe. Apo Hiking Society, the Oscars version! (OHA!)
Channing Tatum (I still don't know why he's not wearing his Magic Mike costume of, uhmm, nothing! Haha), left, and Charlize Theron perform during the Oscars. Charlize was such a revelation. I'm predicting a musical coming up!
All in all, my thirst for the Oscar buzz had been satisfied. Some of my favorites won, some of them, I'm still quietly contesting about but the Academy Awards is the Academy Awards. Year in and year out, we still want to know the inside bits on this annual gathering of stars!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Trip to Jerusalem (Part 6): The David Citadel Hotel

When on a well-planned trip to a different country, probably one of the key things to arrange is your hotel of choice. This serves as a "holding area" of sorts before everything you planned for your trip comes to materialization. In our vacation in Israel, we chose to stay at the David Citadel Hotel. It is known as a luxury haven found in the center of Jerusalem.

Found on Kind David Street, the hotel is found close to the entrance of the Old City. In a word, the hotel really emanates grandeur in volumes. One step and you know you are to be given that extra-special treatment known only to royalties. And of course, that made our trip even greater. With our trip itinerary planned ahead, there's no better sanctuary than this hotel.

The Holy Group in front of David Citadel Hotel.
Idle time means picture time. Hehe
The hotel was designed by Moshe Safdie as a U shaped structure rising 10 stories high with 384 rooms and suites.
Loving the great architecture.
The beautiful Lobby Lounge owes its unique and sophisticated décor to world renowned Italian designer Pierro Lissoni.
The Seasons Restaurant offers a famous fresh Israeli style breakfast buffet each morning, comprising a selection of locally sourced cheeses, smoked fish and cereals, all accompanied by a variety of fresh salads.
Food fest!
Had a hard time choosing between these delectables.
One thing's for sure: you will thoroughly enjoy your meal!
Some more please?
Uncompromising standards and a relaxed atmosphere!
The group energy loading for the day ahead.
Ordering our omelette!
How do you like your eggs cooked?
Feeling the sunshine reflecting on our face!
Miko boy!
Natural sunlight fills the interior through an arched glass roof and guests can take in panoramic views of the Old City whilst enjoying a light dairy kosher meal which is served either hot or cold. 
Anton Barretto taking photographs of the view.
Jake Verzosa and Glen Concio during breakfast.

A swim after a long day would also be nice!
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